PortugalCoin is a guarantee of an unforgettable holiday.

 The PortugalCoin token is created to improve and serve the tourism sector in Portugal using the latest technology. The main task is to simplify the search system for accommodation for tourists arriving on vacation, thereby making travel around the country easier and more accessible.


 - With PortugalCoin you get freedom of movement and ease of finding a home that suits you.


In addition to the main task, processes will also be introduced into the project, allowing to simplify and get benefits, in different areas of services, such as: transport, food, visiting museums, places of interest and much more ...


PortugalCoin is an easy and free tourism.

Road map

 PortugalCoin is a token created on the Ethereum platform. The main task is to create an independent infrastructure that will serve and deal with the rest of people in Portugal who use PortugalCoin as a form of payment.

 At the first stage, it is planned to buy real estate in the central zone of Portugal, mainly 2 and 3-room apartments of a budget option, in places that are in greatest demand among people who want to visit Portugal, such as: Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra, Estoril, etc. After the purchase of the first apartments, an application for mobile devices will be introduced into the system, making it easier to find these apartments. In the application, it will be indicated: the distance to the proposed housing, whether it is free, at the moment, the cost, characteristics and other useful information. The application will be available for all common operating systems, mobile devices such as: Android, Lineage OS, Fire OS, Flyme OS, iOS, Windows 10 Mobile, Sailfish OS, Tizen, Remix OS.


 At the second stage, the purchase of housing in the district of Lisbon will also be carried out. In parallel, it is planned to purchase transport for the transport of passengers. This will include such services as tours with professional guides, speaking different languages, to places of interest, and of course, transfers from the airport to the intended accommodation and back. Also, it will be possible to order individual routes, for every taste, without restrictions. All trips and services are paid using a token - PortugalCoin.


 At the 3rd stage, it is planned to expand the borders of PortugalCoin, and purchase real estate in the resort area, in the south of Portugal, in the Algarve and in the north of the country, in the Porto city district. Also, water transport will be purchased, which will make tourist walks along the wonderful shores of the Algarve. In the future, it is planned to purchase a vessel for tourist trips to the shores of the Azores, which are part of the Portuguese state.


 At the 4th stage of development, when PortugalCoin is consolidated in the market and is in demand, it is planned to purchase a large area of ​​land. Presumably, this will be the territory in the Algarve. The nature is excellent here, and some of the best beaches in Portugal are nearby. On this land, "Village PortugalCoin" will be founded using innovative systems. It is planned to make this tourist area a completely individual, autonomous, ecological object (with an emphasis on "green" energy). The village will be provided with all the necessary equipment, including: solar panels, heat pumps, lithium-ion batteries and LEDs, as well as energy efficient washing machines and refrigerators, which will ultimately free the village from CO2 emissions. Gradually, bungalows for living, a restaurant, an entertainment complex, a gym, swimming pools, a surf school, etc. will be built here. These are some of the things that Village PortugalCoin is planning to do. Final result, 

turn this place into a real town where a person can find almost everything he needs for a comfortable stay and not only. Village PortugalCoin will constantly evolve and strive for the best to become a paradise on earth. People who want to visit the village and do not have PortugalCoin will always be able to purchase tokens for euros, at the current exchange rate, at the exchange office at the entrance.


 The rest of the development stages will be published later.


 Thus, one of the main features of the PortugalCoin token is that it is backed by real estate and material benefits acquired during the activities of the PortugalCoin team. So PortugalCoin will be one of the few tokens that is backed by tangible assets, and will belong to the category of "stablecoins" (stable coin) and its value is determined not only by supply and demand, but also by the assessment of material goods. This fact will attract foreign investors. That will allow the project to move on and take new peaks.


PortugalCoin - the guarantee of an unforgettable holiday


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Name​ - PortugalCoin


Symbol - pt


Token Platform - ETH (ERC20)


Issued tokens -  1 000 000 000


Bounty - 200 000 000


Jurisdiction - Portugal

General - portugalcoin.pt@gmail.com


Support - info@portugalcoin.info


Booking - booking.portugalcoin@gmail.com